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Blogging Tips for Successful Blog | Not Select This Topic in English

Blogging Tips for Successful Blog | Not Select This Topic

Hello Dosto Main Nirdosh

Handle with a blogger is always the only problem that you create your blog on the subject. Most bloggers do not know this, they do not know what their subject will be, and they either make a blogger or fire news blog for technology or start jokes or movie blogs, which is why most of the bloggers are not successful | There are not even more visitors on their blog. And for this reason, they can not earn. Then a few days later they leave all this. If you are doing similar mistake then keep posting for this to know.

Blogging Tips for Successful Blog

   The most difficult thing for blogger or youtube is to find new content every day and not get new content. Due to this reason, Blogger News makes blogs or I want to start a new blog by creating a blog on the new mobile launch, gadget launch and when the content is found then other new probable stops its way. When your content does not rank and traffic is not available on this. Eventually, after 5-7 months you stop working on that blog. The main reason I did not make a news blog is that I am telling you here.

       The first reason is that if you started a blog on the news ........

If you find any news in Google, you will receive the Authorized Side in the first rank.

And it is very difficult to compete with such a site and you will not be able to compete with such a site. No matter how hard you try, it is not difficult to stop asking them, it is possible that you can not leave them behind the rankings.

2. The main thing is that the stability of a news is two days or five days or more than one month. After that, searching for the news is not equal to google but it takes 1 to 2 months to implement SEO of a post. There is no loss of your post. Q does not even cause traffic to your blog due to google search. The best thing about a new blogger that you've created a blog is to start the theme all the time so that your blog will get frequent traffic. But there will be a question in your mind that we should choose which topic I am rightly aware of saris You can select the same topic if you do not have an attachment to that subject, then you will stop working on that blog after 4 to 5 months. Or you will lose your attachment. That is why you start a topic about which you have jumped or shared with your friends. What is so widespread is that some people have their own blogs that I can infuse many topics into one box, in which Android mobile, health and Tajmahal start writing information like that start the blog on the same topic, then your blog Google mainly searches on google and its ranking is also good. Give your mind the right direction and start work on the same niche, whether it's an Android topical or Then linked to health

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