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How to Rank Blog in Google and Other Search Engine( Tips- Tricks)

How to Rank Blog in Google and Other Search Engine.

Ranking in blogs like Google or any other search engine - Bing, Yahoo etc is very difficult in today's time. Google's terms and conditions are changing day by day, which makes our blog difficult to rank. We will give you full information on what to do to get Blog ranked on Google here.

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On the first page on Google, the sweat of the people is relieved to come to the First Position. We have to do some blogging in keeping with some Points. In Blogging, we do Focus on only one thing. And that is sharing, different logos have different ways, if not sharing, then post writing or something else. What I mean to say here is that we have to do a lot in blogging.

How to Rank Blog in Google and Other Search Engine

1. Learn about Blogging: The first step in blogging is learning about blogging. You have to learn a lot before starting a blog. You can learn by searching on Google or blogging from any blog or on YouTube.
2. Choose Best Domain: Another way is to choose the best domain means that before you start the blog, it is important to choose a Best Domain. You can buy Best Domain in a website such as Godaddy or Bigrock.
3. Best Hosting Choosing: This is for people who want to start a blog on hosting a Platform hosting. Like - WordPress Before buying Hosting, get complete information about their plans and then purchase the hosting. (Blogger Blog does not require hosting)

4. Choose Best Blogging Platform: If you want to start a blog in Free, Blogger is the best option for you and WordPress is the best to create a Best Blog by Hosting Buy.
Write Quality Content: Quality Content is very important in order to get a ranking in Google. You have heard that Content Is King
5. Blog Design: Keep the Design Simple of Blog because Visitor does not want to see your blog, but to read your post.
6. Choose the Best theme: Theme should be user-friendly as well as being SEO friendly and responsive.
7. Submit Blog In Search Engine: After creating a blog and posting on them, it is very important to submit a blog to the search engine (Google, Yahoo, ask etc.).
8. Create Quality Backlink: Create Backlink after creating and posting a blog on them. You create both Dofollow and Nofollow Backlink. It has a very good effect in the ranking in Traffic.
9. Regular Posting: You have to do Regular Posting to get the blog ranked in Google or any another search engine.