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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Do you wanna rank number one on Google?

Do you wanna rank number one on Google?

Do you wanna rank number one on Google?

Welcome to everyone.

My name is Nirodh and today I am going to talk to you about a little bit about SEO and I am going to start the whole process in the way you rank your website, where to go, in this tutorial. Talk to whatever you need it, you will never need to buy anyone's ebook, I will show you how to do everything for free, learn and Learn and we will be there first. You must be wondering what is SEO, you have probably heard the word many times and you probably do not know what it is, basically, SEO to generate organic traffic to your website. Is optimizing that people are finding the search engine in order to actually find their website, they basically monitor it by keywords and do not worry We will be involved in a few things, we are just the kind of touching base with SEO. What is organic traffic is such a search example? Here the advertisements paid have been given here, so basically, these people are from their budget. They are disappearing, they are disappearing, they are no longer be found on the search engines, they are organic right, so when someone types Virginia Adwords here Websites will be shown systematically, on which they will not be charged for clicks and they should not pay for any advertisement, they are systematically promoting their website with SEO and how important SEO is Very important and I'm going to give you a wonderful example, let's go to a website, just type in the best web hosting Let's go to this best web hosting and this is fine payment advertising. This website is complete garbage but it does not make any difference because they do not matter, there are good SEO practices and they are o front page so what do I mean by garbage? First they just list a group of companies, they just pick up a bunch of bars, there is no relevant information here, Trying to get your money by clicking on them are trying to do everything they care about, so let's just say okay let's just click on one of these reviews what they say, so that It only says that pro 90-day money-back guarantee is expensive so why is SEO so important that it is a garbage website but it does not really matter because they are Before clicking on this website, the first page to click on this website is on the page and why they are there because they practice good SEO strategies, hence the reason why SEO is so important is that my personal advice protects oneself. Do not trust anyone on YouTube Do not trust ebook Never pay for an e-book I want to make those people very clear There is no.

Do you wanna rank number one on Google?

They just want your money and they are all like always qualified random children who claim that some SEO experts do not learn from anyone in this business, who is the owner of a firm who lives to survive, So this is the best possible advice I can give you to give gifts to one person from another person, now you can go to YouTube and try to learn spamming forums. Area, but I mean that's how it is, do not try cutting such corners that it is the right way because you're going to learn it the wrong way and you know it will not be good now. I am not calling myself SEO but what I am saying is that when you learn the SEO process boys can go to websites like Freelancer or work-up work amor freelancer, and you guys actually get their own SEO company from India Can rent, now I highly recommend outsourcing of India because the prices are dramatically cheaper and how do I know because I Yoga is everything to work for a SEO company in Los Angeles. We had charged the client around $ 800 and then these people will be outsourced, they will work for five dollars in an hour so that you can see That the price advantage is extremely cheap but the quality of work is surprising, so you are starting now, I definitely look into recruiting a SEO company from India and they can give you some information. They are going to ask you what type of keywords you want, what is a keyword, for example if I type, this is a keyword that has a keyword here, so that's my The website is being found on the search engine, now they will basically say which keywords you want, you know which are the best, you can search for them keywords for yourself, tell them that you know that I want you to know that you are the best possible keywords, now I want to know people from time to time that you are trying to get a keyword, the best lawyer in the LA who called the best lawyer in La Lahah Your website may never be found on the front page, because it is a very competitive keyword, which means that these people will be able to see their website We are spending huge bucks trying to get on the page because let's be honest, we are here on the front page like the best lawyers make you quiet, maybe people spend a lot of money to promote their website, That's why I personally advise you not to be very competitive with your keywords like one of these companies from India Do not try to be mad Remember That you are just starting that you are going to make a lot of mistakes, but I personally try to get some less competitive keywords and people can take this process anywhere between one to six months. The SEO company that I personally also use and let me see where it is under my store, so I have two companies I am from India And they have ranked my website number one on my number one for several of my keyword numbers. W I just wanted to name my name as one, so it was now a less competitive keyword because it depends on your niche people. If you want the best car insurance in Los Angeles or the world's best internet company is competitive, then it will take longer to actually They can never be ranked to rank without words, it really depends on your competitors and their budget, as well as you know that it is like online auction, you always know everything They are trying to encourage this company to promote, so I should remember that I just want to move forward and recommend this course to everyone. Please, I know that it spends money but only the right thing learns it from someone in the business and then from there you can use those strategies to monitor your SEO company so that you can start your search. Engine and so you can basically know what they are doing so that you are not really in the darkness which you know because the worst thing is to hire a company and not this Know what they are doing but if you learn seo practice ices and then you outsource it, you can monitor them and this is what I do, so I want everyone to save themselves Do not buy any ebooks from there, do not visit any other website, claim that they can get you. Please, front page in a day please do not do this, try this course I have a 30-day refund guarantee,

It is a bit complicated that you know that it is not easy and it is a complete feature that it is a brand new park, so I know that many of you are making your website, so this is the reason for reading this Thank you.

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