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How to create a professional website? Part 2

How to create a professional website?

Friends, today I wrote a post on my website, whose name would be a professional website? Which Do I Make You a Professional Website? But after reading that article, there were many questions on this subject, how to create a website in the mind of many people. This is the reason why I want to restrict you to the website? I am writing an artistic again on this topic. Hopefully, after reading this artistic, you will learn your site ban.

All your duties related to website design and website development will be approved.

Friends, if you want to see a website in this world and want to make your website, then you need the following 3 things.

Select platform: - Website is like two static websites 02. Dynamic website.

What is a dynamic website and a dynamic website?

What is Static Website and Static Website? If you want to create a static website, it is very easy to make a stable website with the help of HTML and if you want to beautify your website, then using CSS can make your website more beautiful and attractive. are doing.

This means that you can create a very good static website with the help of HTML and CSS.

If you are creating a website in which you do not have to make any updates repeatedly, such as the company's website that has been created and uploaded to the Internet, you do not have to make any updates to it. For such a requirement, you can create a static website because you can create static websites in a short time. It saves a lot of time into making.

Q. What is Dynamic Website and Dynamic Website CAS?

answer:. If you are creating this type of website in which you have to write some new articles repeatedly to upload to your website and often have to make some updates to your website, then you have to create a dynamic website to fulfill this requirement. Will fall

There are two ways available on the Internet to create a dynamic website  primarily

How to create a professional website?

How to Create a Website: First method: Creating a website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL Database In this way you learn all the web programming languages by yourself, then the website creates a website with the help of HTML CSS. Calculations and validation in the website with the help of javascript Allow PHP to script server side and make website dynamic You use MySQL databases to keep all data on the website.

How to create a professional website?

Another way to become a website: - You can create your dynamic website using WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. If you create your website using WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, you will not have to learn any programming language.

WordPress is the most commonly used platform for creating a dynamic website in WordPress, Drupal or Joomla.

But before developing your dynamic website using WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, you have to learn these platforms. If you know how to use the internet you do normal computer work well. Learning WordPress will not work very hard for you.

But remember, platforms like WordPress have their own responses, yet it is easy to create your own website using WordPress.

Domain-name extension

Buy a domain: - The most important thing to create a website is that I have a domain name such as a domain name that is a domain name example. You will have to buy a domain name for your website which you can buy from .com .net .org .in This is a separate extension for all domain names.

You can buy the name for your website with any domain extension you like. This does not make any difference to website ranking from different domain extensions. This does not mean that the website with the .com website is good or bad from the website. However, if you do not have a domain extension .com is on its own website, then it will have no effect.

Web Hosting

How to create a professional website?

Buy a Web Hosting: - The second most important thing for the website is web hosting (web hosting) where you place the code on your website. So that any person can access the website from their web browser at any time. There are many companies on the internet who sell you web hosting such as and Hostgator.

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