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What is search engine optimization (Online-SEO)

What I'm trying to understand is the search engine optimization (Online-SEO)

search engine optimization

Additionally I'm going to be looking at not just what SEO is but also how we can implement it once we have discovered various tools to help us and also techniques the website designers within the industry employ now I'm sure you'll be aware that a huge industry has emerged encompassing search engine optimization techniques and the glanced around at some of the company's websites that sell the service might very well leave you breathless when you see the prices that they charge it's not uncommon to see a company offering to optimize your website and have it feature prominently on Google for around about 2,000 pounds so to help you save that kind of money I'm going to talk you through the process of optimizing your site using what are known as ethical or white hat practices by contrast I'm not going to discuss what are known as black hat practices because what will happen is sooner or later if you did incorporate black hat practices then your site will be discovered by the powers that be in Google and subsequently pull your site from their rankings and of course this is not something to be taken lightly they might be thinking that simple small sites would fall foul of this but big companies have to inadvertently fall and foul at this over the years somewhat ironically if you do a Google search for major players who have fallen victim to this and you'll be surprised kamle big companies were banned albeit temporarily from Google's page rankings one of the big names only around about five years ago was BMW anyway what does this course involve for you well I'm going to look at SEO from a couple of angles in that I'll look at first understanding what a search engine

 such as Google looks for to evaluate a site's ranking and then we'll look at tools that are readily made available to you by Google that will help you optimize your site so that it displays information to the web pertinent to as many users as possible and I think that's one tip to pick up immediately Google is all about getting as many eyes as possible looking at the web as a result of using google search engine now when you think about this from their perspective you can see that this makes good business sense to them for example a user will use Google first of all to search for a recording studio for example as a result that same user will be exposed to lots of revenue making adverts relevant to the search term found and so once we found out how Google operate and how it ranks or weights websites will use this knowledge to then employ the techniques on our website so that we stand a better chance of climbing to the top of Google as possible now and I will keep talking about Google here I'm aware there are other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo but to be honest when was the last time you let's have a think about what the term search engine optimization actually means by trying to define search engine optimization we'll get a better understanding of what we can expect from it I say this because no one can guarantee without doing a certain number of established tried and trusted techniques will 100% guarantee your site will be number one on Google if you think about it this is logical because if you are a plumber and your competitor is a plumber and so are 1,000

 other people in your neighborhood then if there was a straightforward fail-safe method of getting to the top of Google then every plumber in your area would be implementing this method of getting to the top of Google well of course this can't happen because there are only a finite number of available spots on Google's pages and I'm really only talking about the first two pages of Google because much research tells us after Gingles page two then you're as good as non-existent to the general public because they don't search past page two and in truth and be surprised if more than 1% searched past page one think about it do you if you're looking for a good mechanic for example do you contact the guy on page 33 of Google do you even contact the guy on page 2 I bet it's very rare you'd contact anyone after page 1 but pretty much any search you undertake so this real-world example of what everyday people actually do when they search does help us define what search engine optimization is and the end result is partially defined as a website that has been configured to display on page 1 or page 2 of Google if we extend this we can conclude therefore that the plumber or mechanic searched for is good at optimizing their.

But when we think about it they might not necessarily be the best at their job further think about how many times you've searched for a good restaurant for example in a strange town and find a place towards the top of Google but once eaten there doesn't really warrant such a high position see what I mean good at Google doesn't necessarily mean captivate cooking of course it can mean both and this also helps define search engine optimization word-of-mouth getting great online reviews on social media outlets and on the multitude of eating gout review websites means a restaurant good at its job figures highly on Google will now appreciate then that search engine optimization is a fluid discipline in that no single set of rules will automatically send a website to the top of Mount Google what can help considerably is everyday people liking a business and confirming this by searching for a restaurant first of all for example and then bookmarking the resulting site and then from there spending time looking at this.