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How to make money on without google adsense ( 20 way )

How to make money on without google adsense 

1. Do Micro-working For Part-time Income
You can also find micro-working projects like research work on some sites. If you only intend to earn part time by doing online work then this is a better way.

Few Beneficial Sites For Micro-working

2. You can also earn good money from YouTube
If you have mastered making videos then you can earn a good amount of money online by making your YouTube channel. You can sell a product or sell a training program through your videos. You can also earn well by putting an ed on these videos.

3. Earn By Becoming An Online Seller
If you can roam your city, prepare a list of such things, which you can make available to your potential customers at a lower price than the market price. So, you can earn money by becoming an online salon on some sites like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Snapdeal.

4. Earn by Online Training & Consultancy
If you have a special type of qualification, use an online consultant to use it. In this way, you can make a good online income by doing some tasks like Vastu, Jyotish, Psychotherapy. You can also make good online income through online training of a subject.

5. Make money by trading stocks or forex
Online trading is a very popular method for earning a good income from the Internet in our country. But, in this, the basic idea of success is knowledge and experience that you have earned. Even if you have a good understanding of anonymous, it can also become the main factor for a good online income for you.

6. Earn By Selling Domain or Website
Yes, by selling domains or websites, too many people are making good monthly income. You can also make a good income by buying a certain type of domains and selling them at the right time and at the right price. Apart from this, a website can be well earned by running a few months successfully. Sell good website traffic on your website at a good price as soon as good traffic starts coming up and make a good online income.

7. You can also earn from your smartphone 
Yes, there are some apps that can help you earn money too. This income will be less than the money that can be made in other ways, but you will not have to work harder for it. You have to see some ed, or do some survey or play some games. By doing so you can earn a limited, fixed income every month.

8. Earn by Selling Your Photos Online
If you have an understanding of photography, then get it done and make a good tool for online income. Yes, there are many such websites where you can sell your click picks. For this, you should have a good understanding of photography.

Few Beneficial Sites To Sell Pictures online
9.. Earn Money Using PTC Sites
PTC websites are a good tool with the help of which you can make a good income in less time and less effort. On these websites, you get paid to read Advertising (Advertisement). By giving just 30 seconds to read an advertisement, you can earn 15000 monthly.

Few Beneficial PTC sites

10. Earn by GPT Sites
It is also possible to earn a good amount of money using GTP sites. On these websites, you have to do some surveys, watch videos or perform some simple procedures like playing a game.

11. Earn By Solving Captcha by Solving CAPTCHA
There are also some websites where you can earn a fixed amount by reading the Captcha Image and entering the correct type (Correctly Entered) process. Your typing speed should be good for this task. These are the simplest methods. Hence the amount received in this work is less.

Few Beneficial Captcha Entry Work Sites

12. Earn From Survey Filling Work
There are some survey related websites, where you can earn up to $ 20-25 per survey. It takes five to thirty minutes to complete a survey on these websites. So these websites also give you a good value to fill out the survey.

Few Beneficial Survey Sites

13.  Earns from AdSense and other Ad Networks 
If you have your blog or website then you can earn money through Adsense and other ad networks. These methods are my preferred way over the above tactics. But, its use is not so easy. Your funds depend entirely on the number of posts posted on your website and the number of visitors coming here.

14. Earn As a Freelancer by becoming a freelancer

By becoming a freelancer, you can join a small or big company for a project. That is, you can give their services to them from their home using the Internet like their temporary staff. In this way, you can also work with content writers, web designers, graphics designers, data entry or software development.

15. Earn By Doing Affiliate Marketing
If you are trying hard to earn money online then you should try to earn money through affiliate marketing. You have to promote a company's product here, and as soon as a product is sold due to your website or blog, the company or affiliate marketing network gives you a commission of four to twenty percent.

16. Earn From Writing
If you are Capacity, then you can earn good even by becoming a writer. You can fix a fixed amount every month for yourself by joining a publishing house.

Few Beneficial Sites For Writing Job

17. Earn As Virtual Assistant
By becoming an online assistant, you can help a large or small company in the task of Counseling, Employee Management, Marketing or their accounts. These are very similar to the freelancer. However, the funds received in this type of work are for a long time, not based on Project Based Income. So it is a little better than having a freelancer.

Few Beneficial Sites For Virtual Assistant

18. Earn By Designing Websites
If you have web design and development abilities, then you can earn a good amount. earn money online. With the help of the internet, you can order orders from home country and arrange good monthly income.

19. Earn Online By SEO
If you know how to do SEO, you can easily make it online to earn money online. You can get similar projects from the country and abroad.

20. Be Gig Seller on Fiverr by selling useful software or app files
You can make some useful software or app, you can earn well by selling them on the fu ... You can earn a lot of money by selling various types of services such as useful software tools, jingles, music etc. at a cost of five dollars.

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