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Monday, September 10, 2018

How to remove the date from blogger post URL and make blogger permalink format like WordPress.

How to remove the date from blogger post URL and make blogger permalink format like WordPress. 

Hell friends, today I am today telling you such a trick that you have not seen before and have not heard.

How to remove the date from blogger post URL and make blogger permalink format like WordPress.

The most effective method to shroud the dates on your blog entries however first before I demonstrate to you how about we discuss why we should need to do that there are two major advantages to concealing the dates on your blog entries so the main advantage that we're going to see is that abruptly your blog has turned into a bank of evergreen substance so when we shroud the dates no one knows when a specific post turned out and in case you're composing extraordinary substance that is going to be evergreen and pertinent regardless of what year regardless of what season you're going to have the capacity to utilize and reuse that substance like insane it's going to make your

How to remove the date from blogger post URL and make blogger permalink format like WordPress.

 publication life so considerably less demanding the second reason you should need to do it is in case you're somewhat of a conflicting Walker and a ton of us are so in the event that you don't have the dates on the posts and your guests can't look back and perceive to what extent it's been since you blogged and afterward how long you went in the middle of then no one will know whether you're a brilliant standard day by day or week by week blogger or in case you're a greater amount of a discontinuous blogger okay how

we investigate how we can get it going so evacuating the dates on your Squarespace site is going to be somewhat unique relying upon what format you're utilizing yet we're generally going to take after a similar procedure so I will indicate you on two distinct layouts you can get us a thought of how the procedure is the same and how the procedure is extraordinary in case you're experiencing difficulty with your particular format simply expected to know in the remarks beneath and all and attempt to pull that right code for you here um yet it's outrageously simple to discover and extremely simple to do as such the principal thing I need to note is that I'm utilizing the Chrome program so we're utilizing Google Chrome program you can do this in any program um yet the examiner apparatus is going to look the same as it improves the situation me it will appear to be identical for you in case you're working with google chrome when you endeavor to do this the following thing we're going to do is we're going to open up the plan board on our Squarespace site and we're going to investigate custom CSS so this is going to be custom CSS that we can apply to our site what we're not doing here is we're not changing any usefulness we're not changing the backend we're simply including some additional style we're advising the site what it needs to look like now for this situation what it needs to look like is it needs to not show the dates we don't need those dates on there so we're going to approach our post and we're going to drift our cursor without flaw over the thing that we're taking a gander at for this situation the date and we're going to right snap and after that snap assess and what this is going to do is it's going to open up the code investigator and on the off chance that we've been floating over the right thing we're going to see that on the off chance that we come in here we can feature this entire zone where our date lives now we again we don't need that so the following thing that we're going to do is we're going to investigate our Styles segment to perceive how we can converse with this specific region here so for this situation we'll take a gander at the primary line here and it's this tweet blog content arrangement focus time date get out and simply the part that is in dark this is where we need really focus on our particular code so we're going to click here we're going to again return and feature the part that was in dark we're going to hit duplicate return here we're going to hit glue and now we know how we can target only that date segment only the region we're searching for the following thing you're going to do is we're going to open our CSS contention utilizing a section in square space is awesome in light of the fact that they give you the end section naturally and we're going to hit return so now we have space here we can compose any custom CSS code so you could utilize a similar thing in the event that you needed to change the textual style that changed the shading change the span of your date for this situation we're going to conceal it and after that all you have to do is type in the code show so how would we need it to show and afterward none since we don't need it to show we'll close with the semicolon and we can see over on this side um because of Squarespace is live CSS proofreader we can see it worked post date is gone impeccable we'll finish off of our controller we'll hit spare and we can leave the custom CSS board no dates are going to appear on our blog currently affirm we should investigate an alternate subject so now we're going to investigate another demo website on the montauk topic same thing we're in Google Chrome we're going to approach custom CSS we're going to have our board here and again.we're going to put our cursor over where that date is we're going to right-click we're going to click review and again we have this date area here where it's featured now as should be obvious um in the event that we on the off chance that we feature the entire segment as should be obvious it's somewhat extraordinary content and that is the reason we need to do this progression of investigating to discover what the code is to focus on that specific date on that format this ought to be steady format to layout yet it will be diverse between the distinctive Squarespace layouts so again we're going to cover up just the part that is dark we're going to duplicate it and glue it here we're going to open our CSS contention we're going to state display:none we see that it vanishes here we'll close with a semicolon for good measure and we're done we can hit spare and we never again have the dates on our blog entries Please remember to Like, Share, Comment and Subscribe.

Click on this link to download the link and save the Theme of Blogger under the <head> paste and save it.
NOTE: These codes are only for those people who do not have any posts on their website. Applying the code to the next step.

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