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What to do to get your website to Google's first page rank?

What to do to get your website to Google's first page Rank?
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What to do to get your website to Google's first page rank?

What to do to get your website to Google's first-page rank?

What are you doing to get your website to Google's first page, and in this blog post, we are going to talk about the strategy that I use to increase the ranking of my blog to the top 1 million blogs in the world. And just keep moving forward from there, so if you have read any of my things then I follow you, I have a very intuitive search engine adaptive I'm lonely, it's really catchy because I try a lot of time and effort and just find out how to get the content to the top of Google's page so you know that my target audience is watching it and I'll give you this I will teach how I have done this, so the first thing is that the backlinks we address will be okay, so it all starts with knowing what is backlink hyperlink There is a web page link on another site that you have usually seen before the blue color and you can tap them and it opens another tab or new window and it takes you to another site so that It is more popular in Google's eyes in more backlinks a web page, so I think this web page should be popular because many people are linking it back right, this You think backlinks as much as you will have a better chance in ranking. It is important to keep in mind that Google Rank is not a web page and a website, so instead of ranking our website domain, ranking individual posts or Want to focus on the page, for example if we had a fitness blog and you knew that www.weightloos.xyz we are not trying to rank I am trying to rank a blog post that posted on my fitness site on the earth, for example the URL www.weightloos.xyz looks like a forward-slash how to lose weight so that we can try to rank that How to lose weight The blog post is not necessary that the domain is OK, now let's talk about what we know backlinks, talk about how this effectiveness of search engine optimization Because all backlinks are not the same, there are some backlinks that take more weight and more power. Right now we are going to talk about Page Rank and relevance. These are two factors that really affect backlinks. So much power, so we are going to use it to use this example so that we can say that the Wall Street Journal if their website link from your website Link and it will take a lot of powers because the Wall Street Journal has high rights, you know that it is a very reliable source and it is established that it has been around for a long time, Google knows that it is an authority , But this is the page that has PageRank which has its higher PageRank authority but it is also relevant because your finance blog and the Wall Street Journal are in the same place, which It is understandable that if you have some random dog training website linked to your finance blog first, there is no PageRank from these, because this random dog training website is not an authorization website, Google does not see it as an authority and so far There is no relevance, right dog training does not have anything to do with finance, so there is not much to do The power is fine, now the thing we want to see is the backlink's real anatomy, so there is a Deal Follow Backlink and a Nophalo Backlink, now the important distinction is that a follow link is actually your vote As the website will be counted as a nofollow link will no longer be to tell that it is a follow up follow-up or nofollow, we have to see the HTML code. Okay, I do not see the code Tim, just do not know anything about this code. It's super simple, so I'm going to show you exactly what I want to do this in a minute. I'm going to show a live example, but take a note on your screen, look at it It seems that you know an href URL bubble blah will be the most important thing to look at a nofollow link And there will be a nofollow link, it would be equivalent to the Grell Ariel quote nofollow, if it does not really count as the vote for your webpage, here are two examples. Here is a guest post. The website is a good friend of knowledge, so if we scroll down below the post then there is a link to our website below, okay tips from www.xyz.com are okay which I am going to do Right-click on this, I'm going to kill the inspection element and it's going to continue.

Now take the code on the spot appearing in this anatomy, nothing says that the ref break also breaks with nofollow, so it is to take one after the connection, it is very good that we have to follow somebody's case No one else, Hubspot comms, I've just pulled some arbitrary blog entry on Hubspot, in this incident when you are watching the comment area where you know that the person You know that it takes some time for people to get an opportunity to leave a comment. Some sites have done something after the comment, it is not like that when you can see them in the name of these people, Tamira left the comment, which You know that this is a link to their blog or blog post, as we right click and we hit inspect element which you will see at the end, it says that Reliance is equal to nofollow That is why he is not getting the actual vote on that blog post that he has high drilling ok so it is important because the more links follow that we have more power tuff it is in our S ranking now it means that nofollow Links are not worthless because Google is smart and if they see that your website has only a group to follow the link, then they are going to understand something that is a red flag Being because a regular website that you know that it does not have any education or has no good sense about the search engine optimization that websites will have a complete mix of and there is no link which we are going to work on. , We call it a balanced link Portfolio So if you have an imbalance link portfolio which is a complete group of follow links and none, then Google's credit Will discover that you are trying you are trying to rank at the top of the search engines to your content and they may need to beat and punish you for it slaps so you have to be careful. Now let's talk about what we are doing, so black hat versus white hat vs. gray hat SEO is okay now you can listen to these conditions which you can not have, but these are the t words that are used in search engine optimization You are known to the community, so Blackhawks refers to aggressive ranking strategies that do not really follow search engine rules, these search engine results pages Google's algorithms are rigorous frauds to rank content on top and if you are not really careful here, Google will notify you and they'll slap you in many people who do Blackhat SEO, it's a quick The benefit is to turn on, so they rank a blog post or blog website on Google's top page. They earn some money but then Google knows that they find out and they punish this website and that website is always wasted, so white hat SEO is 100% natural and organic ranking is fine, so it Essentially someone would rank their website if they did not know to lick SEO, they did not even know what the SEO was for, they were naturally out, even theirs Giving value to the right, you know how to write a blog post, and you know that Google likes it, people started sharing it, and this naturally naturally created authorization is online, now there is a problem with white because SEO It is that content takes a long time to rank and we do not have that kind of time, so we are called 'Gray Hat SEO, going to use it Now it's less invasive than black cap but it is more aggressive than white hat, so this is what we are going to diving and unless you do it correctly you are not going Okay to face any result from Google, so let's go ahead and go back to my backlinking strategy, focusing on Web 2.0 properties to help us rank our webpages.

Now the Web 2.0 property is just a page from a website that allows the user to generate content that you know of any website builder such as BlogSpot Tumblers, you can go there and create your own content Wikipedia Hub Pages Squidoo All those properties are web 2.0 properties so that's how the process works that we're going to the right step to move an original Blue and post That's what we really want to rank for this blog post on our website. For example, this is an example that this post is fine like thousands of words, then we do what we do and we give this exact article They write different times, they can be just for time, and you can make it at least 200 400, even 600 words and you can publish it on various Web 2.0 Web 2.0 properties like That you Can plug in to Ashit, get another one, you will tip them to be published on various web point with 2.0 different properties anchor text thus you create four backlinks from high quality sites web to move 2.0 sites now we repeat this process for keywords that we want to rank for and we build up Authority in search engines over time so here's a list of some of the best web 2.0 properties and some of the ones that I've used to boost my search engine rankings in the search engines so you have press releases these are very powerful you have document sharing sites so if you want to do a PowerPoint slide and you can actually include a hyperlink on one of the slides of your PowerPoint and upload it you can do guest posting so find guest posters or people in your niche Authority blogs in your niche that you can maybe create a relationship with and a guest posting opportunity because you can get a lot of juice from that and also social bookmarking sites now these don't carry as much weight they're very low quality backlinks but it's still good to promote and mark your your content things like Reddit Digg Pinterest stumble upon delicious and you have social networking sites as well now these don't carry a lot as much weight either but there's still you know Facebook Twitter Linkedin these are high authority sites you know there's something like all in the top 10 websites in the world so you need to put be sharing yourself on there as well and then blog commenting so I already showed you that blog commenting leaving a comment another person's blog but you want to make sure that said actually I do follow link however a nofollow link is not always bad for the reasons I thought I touched on earlier so the bottom line guys if you consistently follow this process for six twelve months and you hit you you're gonna have tons of traffic coming your website because you'll be ranking these blog posts and also your overall domain in Google so the one thing I do want to mention is that you don't want to use these the same one for all of your backlinks so for example if you went to PR log org I found and the common knowledge that's out there is that you only can do about three or four links okay back to your website and then it just doesn't matter after that so you'd only really do three or for links on PR log then you would do three or four links on pitch engine then news vine you just go down the list and if you run out you've used all these and just go ahead and go to google and type in like you know 100 do follow or 100 do follow web 2.0 properties there's people out there that create lists like with all web 2.0 to follow up properties you can repeat this process for your blog post that you want to rank and that's how you're going to slowly keep up the search engine okay now you're on with some awesome stuff now you need to get enrolled in my blogging course you haven't already and get some more awesome tips and tricks to help rank your blog to the top of the search engines okay thanks for tuning in guys tim-mah I'll catch you guys in the next .
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